Whole Body Health for You and Your Pets

Animal Communicator - Energy Healer -  Holistic Wellness Coach

About Me

What I have to offer

As an animal communicator and healer I have gotten the chance to work with many incredible animals and passionate pet owners. Today I work with both humans and pets to bring full body awareness, healing, and health physically, mentally, and emotionally. My services include animal communication, chakra balancing, Reiki healing, muscle testing, nutrition coaching, yoga therapy, massage, essential oils, crystal therapy, and much more. 

Through chakra reading, body scanning, and muscle testing together we uncover sensitivities, imbalances, traumas, and blockages that are affecting the body. Most importantly we find out what modalities and therapies are best suited for your or your pets individual needs. I will send you home relaxed, healing, and with the tools for you to continue forward progress. 

How I got started

Since a young girl I have had a very strong connection to animals and a passion for healing. As the years passed that connection and passion became a skill and a learned art. Today I heal, communicate, and teach whole body health for people and animals of all walks of life using the many tools I have collected through the years. 

My approach

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. I am dedicated to bringing full body awareness to those that want to improve their lives. Focus brought to both the mind and body through techniques that can help each individual target their specific needs. 

I focus on health and happiness through mindful living and full body awareness.